Create User ID

Sign-up to create a user ID and a password that you will use to manage your fleet, and provide us with your organization name and your contact information.

Add your buses

Simply add the route names or number of your bus so that your travelers can search using those names, and add the driver's mobile number.

Install on Mobile

Install the Bus-i Handle App from Google Play Store on the driver's mobile that remains on-board. Thats all! Your buses are now live on


Bus-i is available for almost any device that has internet and a screen, though an Android device provides some additional functions compared to devices running another operating system.

You do not pay a single cent to, but you will need to purchase an Android mobile phone with GPS to be kept on-board or with the driver, and you must also subscribe to a 2G mobile data plan from a mobile service provider of your choice.

Cost Comparison - USA
Cost Comparison - India

Simplicity and ease of set up is the primary reason why Bus-i is trusted by schools, universities, Corporation and travel operators around the world. Give it a try and you will wonder why you did not find us earlier if live GPS tracking was so easy to set up!

Watch Setup Video

The tracking website is designed to adapt itself to almost every online device in the world - PCs, Macs, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles from different manufacturers and in various languages. And in the rare case that it does not show up really well on your device, we have a great support team that will he happy to take that challenge and fix it for you!

Your data is our responsibility, so your personal data is always encrypted. Our hosting partners maintain two replicas of your data in two different geographical locations, so you can be assured of 24/7 availabilty of Bus-i services. In the rare event that we have to put down our servers for any necessary security upgrades, we try to keep such outages between midnight and 4 am local time.